0.50, BROWNING, M2; FIRING CARTRIDGE, ARMOR-PIERCING-INCENDIARY, CAL. If the primer of the ignition cartridge is dented, the first ammunition bearer attempts to replace the safety wire and places the round in a marked, safe location for disposal by ordnance personnel. Fort Belvoir, VA 22060 The superior flow characteristics of these BALL POWDER . (2) Burn all dead grass or brush within 30 meters around the burning place. As soon as the sight data are announced, the gunner places it on the sight. It is designed to be fired in the indirect fire mode, cannot be fired handheld, and norm ally utilizes a FDC. The fuze threads and fuze well threads are inspected for damage. e. The M362A1 and M362 HE cartridges are of steel forge construction and contain about 2.10 pounds of composition B explosive. The contents of ammunition containers are shown by markings. 81mm 120mm 60mm . If it gets wet or dirty, it must be wiped off at once. High angles of approach (near vertical) give the lowest burst heights. a. The RSTA squadron only receives the 120mm mounted mortar, there is no augmentation dismounted maneuvers. It is assembled with the M772A1 MTSQ. 4-12. The cartridge is painted light green and has red markings and one narrow yellow band. The cartridge is painted olive drab with yellow markings. d. Climatic Effects. This action breaks an internal sheet pin and internal wire, thereby disabling the proximity function. The increments are individually wrapped with waterproof bags that are not removed. (4) The leg-locking handwheel is hand tight. It has two types: type 1 resembles the M734 fuze, and type 2 resembles the M935 fuze. If the round does not fire, the gunner tests the barrel for heat. 0.50, M8 (REPRINTED W/BASIC INCL C1-2) (S&I BY PROP SEE DETAILS, FOOTNOTES), FIRING TABLES FOR MACHINE GUN, CALIBER .50: BROWNING, M2 (HEAVY BARREL, TURRET TYPE) ON MOUNT, MACHINE GUN, TRAILER MOUNTED: MULTIPLE CALIBER .50 MACHINE GUN, M55 FIRING CARTRIDGE, CALIBER .50: API, M8 (S&I BY PROP SEE DETAILS, FOOTNOTES), FIRING TABLES FOR MACHINE GUN, CALIBER .50: FICED, M85 TANK, COMBAT, FULL TRACKED: 105MM GUN, M60 SERIES FIRING CARTRIDGE, CALIBER .50: API, M8 CARTRIDGE, CALIBER .50: API-T M20 CARTRIDGE, CALIBER .50: BALL, M33 CARTRIDGE, CALIBER .50: TRACER, M17 (S&I BY PROP SEE DETAILS, FOOTNOTES), MACHINE GUN, CAL. An M18 fuze wrench is used to change settings. b. Figure 4-4. When targets are beyond such irregularities, a clearance of at least 30 meters should be allowed to ensure maximum effect over the target area. These propellants are flash-suppressed and clean burning resulting in minimum residue, flash and blast overpressure. Firing tables are used to determine the correct charge for firing. (a) Since the mortar is normally mounted in defilade, there could be a mask such as a hill, tree, building, or rise in the ground. The striker has been modified to be able to use German and Italian patterns of 81mm mortar . Upon completion of any bipod movement on the barrel, the gunner ensures that the firing pin recess is facing upward. (b) In selecting the exact mortar position, the leader looks quickly for mask clearance and overhead interference. a. Point-Detonating. It is constructed from ductile cast iron and contains about 1.5 pounds of cyclonite (RDX)/trinitrotoluene (TNT) composition explosive. The explosive elements in primers and fuzes are sensitive to shock and high temperature. MC Medical Guide; Client-side mods; TFAR 1.x for players; The gunner removes the sight and places it in the case with 3200 deflection and 0800 elevation indexed. Identification. The propelling charges are assembled around the fin assembly shaft. An internal clock mechanism provides nine seconds of safe air travel (610 to 2,340 meters along trajectory for charge 0 through 9, respectively). Correctly applying and performing these duties enables the mortar section to perform as an effective fighting team. With standard mortar, the maximum effective range is close to 4,000 metres; with a long-range system, this increases to nearly 4,500 metres. Figure 4-8. The cartridges are returned to their original containers. 60mm, 81mm, and 120mmMortar Increments. The gunner is given a deflection change between 5 and 25 mils, either increasing or decreasing from the last stated deflection, and the command to refer and realign aiming posts. The adjustment ring has six raised ribs for use in conjunction with fuze setter, M25, and a setting indicator rib (marked SET) about half the height and width of the other six ribs. These cartridges are used first in subsequent firing so that once-opened stocks can be kept to a minimum. b. The fuze consists of a brass head, body assembly, and expelling charge. Mortars are indirect-fire weapon systems. Red phosphorus/white phosphorus--M819 and M375-series. The 81-mm mortar, M252, is a smooth-bore, muzzle-loaded, high-angle-of-fire weapon. Proximity fuzes withstand normal handling without danger of detonation or damage when in their original packing containers or when assembled to projectiles in their packing containers. Trenches are dug to prevent water from flowing under the pile. The gunner is given a deflection and elevation change in a fire command causing the gunner to shift the mortar between 200 and 300 mils for deflection and between 100 and 200 for elevation. FT 81-AI-3 Firing Tables Mortar, 81mm: M28A1 and M29 Mortar 81mm Self propelled M125A1 and M125 Carrier, 81mm Mortar Tracked XM755 The fuze is set manually to proximity, point detonate, or delay modes. The M821 HE cartridge (M252 only) is a British-made cartridge fitted with the US M734 multioption fuze. The mortar is within two turns of center of traverse. (c) The gunner determines mask and overhead clearance by sighting along the barrel with his eye near the breech plug. With the mortar mounted and the sight installed, the gunner lays the sight on the two aiming posts (placed out 50 and 100 meters from the mortar) on a referred deflection of 2800 mils and an elevation of 1100 mils. DESCRIPTION. The barrel clamp, which consists of an upper and lower clamp, is situated at the top. The 81mm mortar is a portable, mobile, medium mortar at the infantry's disposal. If the primer is not dented, the round may be used again. 0.30, BROWNING, M1917A1; GUN, MACHINE: CAL. He is also the squad driver. The M751 is fitted with a smoke charge that operates on impact. b. Fuzes are not disassembled. It can be set from 3 to 55 seconds at half-second intervals. (2) The ribs and braces have no breaks, cracks, or dents. Cartridges assembled with the M532 fuze must be fired above charge 0. With the clamps facing away from him, the assistant gunner traverses the buffer carrier to the traversing handwheel and folds the handle. The mortar should be within two turns of center of traverse when the task is compete. The Mark 4 and 5 barrels were introduced during World War 2 and have a much increased range. He releases the securing strap, loosens the leg-locking handwheel, and lowers the plain leg until the locating catch engages in the recess. The fuze body is graduated from 0 to 25 seconds in 1-second intervals; 5-second intervals are indicated by bosses. The components of the mortar consist of a cannon, mount, and baseplate. In addition to supervising the emplacement, laying, and firing of the mortar, he supervises all other squad activities. (2) The breech plug is screwed tightly to the barrel. The cartridges are painted olive drab with yellow markings. a. 81MM M252A1. The firing pin must be replaced and the bore swabbed. (4) The M567 fuze is an impact fuze that has a SQ/IMP or D function. a. b. c. After the gunner has announced, "Up," the squad leader should check the mortar to determine if the exercise was performed correctly. He must not stand directly behind the mortar. The M252 is highly accurate up to ranges of 4500m to 5700m depending on the Barrel (with blast attenuator device) Mount A safety latch located at the side of the recess is used to secure the ball. Once set to act as an impact fuze, the mechanism cannot be reset for PROX. When the gunner is satisfied with his sight picture he announces, "Up.". d. The ammunition is protected from mud, sand, dirt, and water. The lower clamp is shaped and bored on each side to house the buffer cylinders. They should not be approached for 5 minutes or disturbed for at least 30 minutes after firing. The barrel clamps are then closed. Swifty 3 from scratch; Swifty 3 split-repo setup; Swifty Troubleshooting; Mods. .50 MACHINE GUN, M55 AND MACHINE GUN, CAL. Normally, it can be moved by hand, although this may be difficult to do if the mortar is moved through a large arc. It was even a tool used by airborne units, and was dropped in parachute bundles during Operations Neptune, Market Garden, and Varsity. a. Cartridges are shipped with a complete propelling charge, an ignition cartridge, and primer. The M252 81mm mortar is a smooth-bore, muzzle-loaded, high-angle-of-fire weapon. It is used for records such as reports on condition, malfunctions, and accidents. The first ammunition bearer shakes the barrel to dislodge any remnants from the last round fired, and he lowers the barrel into the rotating socket of the baseplate. The vertical cross line of the sight is on the left edge of the aiming point. The term "danger close" is included in the call for fire when there are friendly troops or positions within a prescribed distance of the target, specifically 600 meters for artillery or mortars . Ammunition is made and packed to withstand all conditions ordinarily encountered in the field. The 0-second boss is wider and differs in shape from the other body bosses; the safe setting position is indicated by the letter "S" on the fuze body. (1) Mask clearance and overhead clearance are sufficient. e. The gunner centers the elevation bubble. The fuze is not intended to function at charge 0. No tools are needed to set the fuze, and the setting can be changed several times without damaging the fuze. Agreed that mortars should generally be used close to the frontline. At extreme temperatures (below -40 degrees Fahrenheit and above 125 degrees Fahrenheit), it is not unusual to experience an increase in malfunctions proportionate to the severity of conditions. Proximity (VT). After the mortar is mounted, the gunner makes a thorough check. General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems is the leading manufacturer of propellants for 60mm, 81mm and 120mm Mortar Systems. News. Each cartridge weighs about 10 pounds and is provided with the M223 propelling charge, consisting of four horseshoe-shaped increments fitted around the tail. The components of the mortar consist of a cannon, mount, and baseplate. As a longstanding partner of armed forces around the globe, Rheinmetall supplies a wide array of mortar systems and ammunition. All elements given in the fire command are repeated by the squad. The ammunition that can be fired by the 81-mm mortar, M252, is identified and described herein. OPERATOR`S MANUAL FOR MORTAR, 81-MM, M252 (NSN 1015-01-164-6651) (EIC 4SK){TM . Prev - Mk6 Mortar range table for charge 0 Next - Mk6 Mortar range table for charge 2 . The assistant gunner carries the bipod to the front of the barrel and places the bipod feet on the ground 12 to 15 inches in front of the baseplate and astride the line of fire. b. This section discusses the characteristics and nomenclature of each component (Figure 4-2). Referring and realigning aiming posts ensure that all mortars are set on the same data. b. c. The moisture-resistant seal of the container is broken when the ammunition is to be used. HE ammunition is used against personnel and materiel. a. The sight is laid on two aiming posts (placed out 50 and 100 meters from the mortar) on a referred deflection of 2800 mils and an elevation of 1100 mils. 81 mm HE mortar projectiles generally contain anywhere between 400 g and 680 g of HE and have a maximum range of approximately 6,500 m. 82 mm HE mortar projectiles generally contain anywhere between 392 g and 680 g of HE and have maximum ranges of between 3,000 - 5,500 m. After the rounds have been removed, they should always be handled with two hands to prevent accidental dropping. Several types of HE ammunition are used in the 81-mm mortar, M252. The fuze is screwed into the cartridge body, and it is seated and secured using an M18 wrench. Section I. on Amazon.com. During training, the gunner may use the driving stake from the aiming post case. The 60mm mortar section is located in the weapons platoon of the rifle company, is armed with three 60mm mortars, and is He exposes 4 inches (100 millimeters) of elevation shaft and folds the handle. Lock An ammunition lot number is assigned to each ammunition lot, which is marked on each cartridge and packing container. He positions the lower barrel clamp against the lower stop band on the barrel and secures the upper barrel clamp. He ensures that the firing pin recess is facing upwards. The squad leader points to the exact spot where the mortar is to be mounted. When cartridges have been prepared for firing, but are not used, all powder increments and safety wires are replaced. (3) The securing strap is correctly located, securing the barrel clamps and buffers to the plain leg. d. When the barrel reaches the horizontal position, and not before, the assistant gunner moves the thumb of each hand over the muzzle. When set at delay, the fuze train causes a 0.05-second delay before functioning. Cartridges assembled with the M532 fuze must be fired above charge 0. At the same time, the first ammunition bearer moves out on the double to realign the aiming posts. e. The pull wire and safety wire are removed from the fuze just before firing. If the barrel is cool enough to handle, the crew removes the round as described below. The cartridge is painted light green with black markings and one narrow brown band. After the bands are broken and the box opened, the rounds should be removed by allowing them to roll out along the lid of the box (Figure 4-8). Other armies count on 81mm mortar families. Red phosphorus cartridges (M252 only) are stored the same as HE cartridges. (7) When opening an ammunition box, the ammunition bearer ensures the box is horizontal to the ground, not nose- or fin-end up. b. The terms cannon and barrel are used interchangeably in this chapter. It is set using the bladed end of the M18 fuze wrench. The assistant gunner cleans the bore and swabs it dry. .50: BROWNING, M2 (HEAVY BARREL, TURRET TYPE) ON MOUNT, MACHINE GUN, TRAILER MTD: MULTIPLE CAL. a. Before-firing checks include the following: (1) Ammunition should be free of moisture, rust, and dirt. A securing strap is attached to the plain leg for securing the bipod in the folded position. This cartridge is ballistically matched to the M374A2, M374A1, and M375 HE cartridges, and weighs about 9.12 pounds. (See FM 7-90 for a discussion of the duties of the platoon headquarters.). It is designed to be fired in the indirect fire mode, cannot be fired handheld, and normally utilizes a FDC. . (1) The M935 fuze has two function settings: impact and delay. c. The M374A3 HE cartridge is constructed from pearlitic malleable cast iron and contains about 2.10 pounds of composition B explosive. (4) The bipod locking latch is locked, securing the barrel clamps. Washington DC 20310-0107, ADRP - Army Doctrine References Publications, ATTP - Army Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, FY Publication Status Report (CAC required for access), Publishing Resources (CAC required for access), PC/PCO/FMO/EPCO Directory (CAC required for access), usarmy.pentagon.hqda-apd.mbx.customer-service@army.mil, GUN, MACHINE, CAL. Do not burn increments in piles but spread them in a train 1 to 2 inches deep, 4 to 6 inches wide, and as long as necessary. (1) The rotating socket is free to move in a complete circle. The M29 would become the standard American mortar in the upcoming Vietnam War. The entire squad stays with the mortar. If the line of sight clears the mask, it is safe to fire. is william hurt related to john hurt,
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